Our history

Hardrige is a brand of hand stitched shoes. The values and force of the brand derive from a heritage stretching back over a hundred years.

In the 50’s Les Chaussures du Dauphiné designed and made walking boots in Sillans for use in extreme conditions. At the beginning of the 60’s the company used new technologies and dedicated part of its production to ski boots for the Le Trappeur brand. The company provided ski boots for several French skiing teams.

In 1985 Le Trappeur became Hardrige and specialized in technical, patented footwear for different French Army corps ( helicopter pilots, infantry, Air Force officers, fighter pilots…). At the same time the company developed a contemporary line of Goodyear, hand-stitched shoes more suitable for walking in town.

In 2012, the founder’s three children run the family business and perpetuate its values.

Our story

> An artisan’s skill

Hardrige shoes are hand stitched following the Goodyear and Norwegian traditional techniques which need more than 150 operations.

The secret of Hardrige’s quality is due to the specific choice of leather from only French traditional tanneries.
The small family business knows how to evolve designing new modern lines, each year more successfully.

> Hand stitched


The Norwegian welted process consists of stitching a strip of leather called welt with chain stitches, grain against grain in the leather, all around the shoe . The shoe is completely waterproofed by using a linen yarn pre immersed in hot pitch. The space between the leather outsole and the insole isn then filled with cork . Thanks to the cork the shoe is waterproof and very comfortable, the sole molds itself to the shape of your foot. The Norwegian welt allows for repeated resoling.


The Goodyear welted process consists of stitching a strip of leather called welt with chain stitches, grain against grain of the leather, around the shoe. This first seam doesn’t show and the shoe looks elegant. The space between the outsole and the insole made of leather is then filled with cork. Using this technique the shoe is waterproof, and comfortable , the insole molds itself to the shape of your foot and the shoe can be resoled repeatedly.